Half a kilometer from the jetty, Bharatpur is one of the best beaches known for swimming and coral-watching with a vast sandy stretch. This beach is ideally recommended for youngsters because of activity options. One can hire glass-bottom boats for coral viewing. The Sea around the Jetty area is full of corals with schools of fish swimming around. The colour and form of vegetation along the beach soothes the senses.

Beaches Rangat

Morice Dera Beach

Eco-friendly beach furniture, a unique rock formation and a natural swimming pool are the unique selling points of Morice dera beach. This is offered with calm blue waters and sun-kissed beach sand. Morice-dera offers the visitor a reclusive natural beach with a beautiful picnic spot to spend the time with your loved ones within nature’s embrace. Morice Dera has been converted into an eco-friendly hotspot. A walkway in between Twin rocks (a unique rock formation) leads to a spectacular horizon view point which makes you feel like you’re standing at the edge of the world. Morice Dera is an ideal location for picnic in a natural environment of sea on one side and lush green forest on the other side. A fresh water stream located at this beach is not only perennial but also scenic. It serves as natural swimming pool for the visitors. This little nature’s pocket is located 12 km from Rangat towards mayabunder. You can charter a boat to reach Morice Dera from Yeratta jetty.

Amkunj Beach

Located just 8km away from Rangat, Amkunj beach offers a perfect beachy sanctuary to all visitors. Developed in an eco-friendly fashion, this beach has especial facilities such as log sofas, log tepoys, eco-friendly huts, and groves named after the local flora. Amkunj Bay beach is on the way to Cutbert Bay. This beach, barely 100 mts from the main road, is ideal for swimming, sun bathing and relaxation. The Blue ocean and dead corals add to Amkunj’s charm Amkunj Bay beach offer a good experience of cruising through the evergreen mangrove fringed creek, with exotic flora and fauna. These are ideal for nature lovers, bird watchers, research / educational to

Cuthbert Bay Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Rangat, the Cuthbert Bay Beach offers to tourist silver sand, blue-mist water and turtles. Have you ever seen turtles smaller than your palm? Visit the Cuthbert Beach during the months of December to February and catch the turtles nesting. The most notable varieties are Olive Ridley Turtle and Leatherback Turtle.

Cuthbert Bay Beach also houses a wildlife sanctuary, which will give you a glimpse of local fauna. Hawksbill Nest, a Guest House, run by the Tourism Department, near Cuthbert Bay beach offers accommodation. This beach is en route to Mayabunder and Diglipur. The beach is also a perfect picnic spot where you can spend some quality time with your friends and family.

Dhanninallah Mangrove Nature Walk

About Dhanninallah Mangrove Nature Walk

Dhaninallah Mangrove Nature Walk is a wooden boardwalk meandering through mangrove creek for 713 meters. It is the longest boardwalk of its kind in the whole country. The Dhaninallah boardwalk is named after a mangrove species locally called as Dhanipatti. On the way, one can see small creeks (Jhinga Nallah) that pass through the walk way. This boardwalk is an eco-friendly wonder. It is structured using rejected teak logs and provides a rare opportunity to study the diverse and divine mangrove ecosystem in Andaman. The boardwalk is designed keeping the ease of visitor in mind. There are eco-friendly huts, named after various local bird species, at intervals to offer a place to lounge for tourists. An eco-hut at the midway of the boardwalk is named after the most frequented sea turtle of the Dhaninallah beach i.e. Olive Ridley.

The end of the walkway opens to the very beautiful and scenic Dhaninallah beach. One can see as array of turtles nesting in this beach. Some of the turtles are so small, that they will hardly cover the palm of your hand. A natural trail from the walkway leads to the eco-friendly beach facilities which include a tree-top hut, a couple of eco-huts, sit-out areas, changing rooms and toilet facilities. The beach has been adequately furnished with eco-friendly log sofas and log tepoys for the convenience of the visitors.


The Dhaninallah mangrove walkway can be reached from Betapur and is about 20km from Rangat. You can plan a day trip to this Mangrove boardwalk on the way to Mayabunder.

Yerrata Mangrove Park and Yerrata Creek

About Yerrata Mangrove Park and Yerrata Creek

Yerrata is famous for its mangrove creek and mangrove park. Located near Rangat, Yerrata offers an ideal inclusion in your itinerary. It has variety of attractions, like the mangrove park, mangrove creek tower and the mangrove beach walk. Yerrata has a jetty from where ferry service is provided to Long Island. Yerrata, which is well connected by road has breath-taking scenic beauty of various species of mangroves and is an ideal location to learn about diverse variety of mangroves

Main attractions

Mangrove Interpretation Centre


The Department of Environment and Forests has established a Mangrove Interpretation Centre in Yerrata. The main aim of this centre is to create awareness among the people about mangroves and its diverse species. It has an alluring display panel from which the visitor can learn about many mangrove creeks in the islands.


Mangrove Watch Tower

Climb the 13 meters high Mangrove Watch tower and soak up the panoramic view of the lush green mangroves. This is the only such tower in the whole of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It provides the visitor an opportunity to view the variety of mangrove creeks together, compare and contrast them.

Mangrove Beach Trail


The Department of Environment and Forests has developed a Mangrove beach trail having 300 mtrs. stretch of bench walk passing through the natural mangrove forest which is a famed tourist attraction. The bench-walk gives the visitors a fantastic feel of the mangroves.



Yeratta has its own jetty, and hence you can take a boat or a ferry from Long Island. It is only 8km from Rangat. Mangrove Creek safari can be done here at Yerrata Creek. The ride is sublime but do remember to be cautious in this turbulent environment.