Things To Do

Things To Do

Are you ready for the new adventurous things in and around Andaman and Nicobar Islands. We, at GoExploreAndaman, provide you the best itineraries along with tourist guides to enjoy the wonderful tourist spot—can also be called as heaven of beauty—and spend some romantic moments and holidays with your loved ones. We provide you the best, and updated island to visit or attend during the year 2019. Initiating from the east side of Andaman, the archipelago includes Havelock Island, Neil Island, Port Blair, Baratang Island, and Diglipur Island, and is followed by south side of Andaman.

The “must-visit” and best attractive places during Andaman tour are as follows,

Foremost thing that one can enjoy during the Airplane journey is Bird’s Eye View of the Islands. Booking window side seats on the basis of ticket availability helps you to capture the mesmerizing beauty of geographical area of Andaman Islands. Furthermore, also facilitates user-friendly mitigation process, which helps you in easy boarding during flight journey. You can see that the outer area of Andaman and Nicobar island is narrow stretched in the middle of the sea, with further classification of main islands, generally known as Great Andaman, into three categories known as North, Middle, and South Andaman respectively.

1.Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island

Surrounded with white sand and dense rainforest trees, Radhanagar beach is one of the favorites for beach lovers. The turquoise blue sea, enjoying crystal clear sky, and walking around the shore make this beach a perfect spot to bask in the midst of nature's bounty.

This beach is also crowned as “Asia’s Best Beach" and “seventh ranking beach in the world” by Times magazine. Walking across the sandy landscape stretched over two kilometers with an average width of 30 to 40 meters, sunbathe, watersports, breathtaking sight of sunset lures travelers to visit again to this beach.

The beauty of this place can be seen throughout the year.

2.Boat/Trek Ride, Snorkeling at Elephant Beach

Another great adventure in Andaman is snorkeling, Boat/Trek ride at Elephant Beach in Havelock island. On the way via elephant beach, you can see the picturesque coral reef, sea creatures, underwater marine life, and can also have the experience “how it will be inside the water in its purest way.” You can have trekking to elephant beach. A ground level experienced guide with complete geographical knowledge—including forests and local world life— on his mind will accompany throughout the journey. You can easily explore the beach on the way via boat means, but stepping on the land will let you know the feeling of the place, having a fuller and more satisfying experience out in the open. Climatic conditions, surrounding environs, warn and shallow waters is perfect for the development.

Some people may get into dilemma by hearing the name “Elephant Beach”. Yes, there was elephants ten years ago, where British people were using to log woods. Presently, you can find one or two elephants to see, and that also in rare cases.

The best time to visit this beach is around January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November, December.

3. Coastal Ride at Kalapathar Beach, Havelock Island

If you want to spend time during evening leisure, then this event best suites at Havelok island. The boat ride to Kalapathar provides better view compared to Radhanagar beach. Open turquoise colored water on the way, little narrow roads, peaceful environs bewitch tourists and make the travel worth some.

Likewise, Radhanagar beach, this place can be visited throughout the year.

4. Scuba Diving

Travelers, especially beach lovers, shouldn’t miss scuba diving in the list. It is known that many of the people fear of waters and rightly so. But for any water activities in Andaman island, you don’t need to know swimming.

The water-based sports activities are divided into two types namely starter, non-swimmer course, and advanced course. Some coaching classes are conducted for all these courses and trained them with basic swimming activities, accompany them in undersea water diving, and also provide certifications.

These islanders are blessed with one of the best scenarios of coral reefs, which can be visualized during the dive. The best places to visualize and experience scuba diving in Andaman is at North Bay Island, Havelock Island, Neil Island and Chidiatapu. Even if you are a non-swimmer, or starter, u are allowed scuba diving under a controlled environment, with proper training, and monitored by expert persons.

It is also one of the places that can be visited through a year.

5. Cellular Jail, Port Blair

Cellular jail reflects the historic moments of British period, where freedom fighters from India are taken to these lands, imprisoned, tortured, along with lots of bloodsheds. It is also a prison of India’s First War of Independence of 1857. This jail also showcases the murkiest chapters of in the colonial rule's history. It is a mute witness of many heinous acts that British soldiers put on the villagers. With increase in number of prisoners, in 1906, British government started constructing the building and named as ‘Cellular’. There cells are made for individual prison rather than accommodating them in one documentary. Originally, there were seven prolonged, puce-coloured building with a central tower. Later, the building was subsequently damaged, leaving behind three wings intact. The infrastructure is also designed in such a way that prisoners from one room will not have information about other person. They were made to undergo hard labor work. Each cell of the prison is 13.5 feet high 7 feet wide and housed one convict in solitary confinement. Without a doubt, this structure is one of the most historically prominent buildings in India. For this reason and intent, Cellular Jail is a must-visit spot while on the trip to Andaman.

This place can be visited through a year.

6. Boat Ride and Snorkeling at Jolly Bouy Island

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy fun activities after completing cellular jail, then Jolly Buoy stand first in the list. In this place, travelers can enjoy snorkeling and other water sports such as glass boat ride, swimming, diving, and so on. This also is clean, pure, and safe for children to play around beaches.

You can enjoy the different types and colors of sea lives at Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park. The main moto beyond this implementation is to preserve the coral reefs. It is opened in seven months a year. It is also called as no plastic zone, so make sure that you wont carry any plastics to this land.

This place can be visited through a year.

7.Administrative Settlement of Ross Island, Port Blair

In Ross Island, travellers can visualize two different cultures colliding with each other. Initially, it was called as British colony’s capital, so there are many British vestiges in the area. You can find old British church, a bakery, and, among the ruins of the area, you will see beautiful deer and a high diversity of birds, from peacocks to hens. Still, the area is just a reminiscence of what once was, so don’t expect to find restaurants or cafés over here. The snacks remind the taste of mouth-watering British cooking style. But the calm environment, the almost tame and friendly animals, will make you feel like entering into a world like no other. This destination requires around 3 – 4 Hours.

The best time to visit this island is at dawn, where you can also experience the light and sound show. Other than that, travellers can visit this land throughout a year.

8.Sunrise and the Natural Rock Formation, Sitapur Beach, Neil Island

Neil island has gained popularity in the year 2018-19. With more and more travelers started to visit these islands, localities have come-up with some unique style restaurants and cuisines, that further enhances the tourism. If your itinerary comprises of Neil island, then must visit places includes Laxmanpur beach, Bharatpur beach, Sitapur beach and Natural Rock formation.

In Neil island, Natural Rock formation stands top on the list of must visit destinations. Some guidance and trekking is required to completely see the formation of Natural rock. Additionally, only during low tide you can visit this destination. If you are a early morning enjoyment person, then morning sunrise will make your day a wonderful one.

Can be Visited in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

9.Sunset at Chidiatapu, Port Blair

Chidiya Tapu at Port Blair is one of the passionate for environment lovers, research people, and discovering the wonders of nature. Uprooted trees, driftwood, is responsible for weary weather conditions around sandy beaches, which looks like coming from a different world. Chidiya Tapu around sun beach is also famous for breathtaking sunsets and bird watching, which is around 4pm. In the month of October, the sunset happens around 5 p.m. The best way to go for bird watching is at morning time. Rare species cannot be identified, but it is one of the place where one can enjoy the beauty of nature and birds.

The good time to visit is throughout the year

10.Sea Walk at North Bay Island, Port Blair

Walking on the ocean bed gives you a feeling that you are in the other world. If you have envisioned about the pristine marine ecosystem, and don’t know swimming, then this place will provide you the eye-catchy scenario about how it would be. This adventure is pretty much similar to that of sea walk event in Elephant beach, but the corals and reefs which you have missed there can be seen here. It also takes you to the depths of the sea. A wear helmet is given to provide the needed oxygen and traverse inside underwater ecosystem in a safest manner. This can be a experience which one shouldn’t miss during Andaman visit.

The best time to visit this place is at January, February, March, April, May, September, October, November and December.

11.Sailing/Exploring Clear Blue Sea at MV Islands

The entire Andaman and Nicobar island transportation is dependent on boats and ships. Sailing amongst the different islands provides you the best viewing activities to the inaccessible areas. In Andaman, MV Island explore is a conventional ship, which caters travellers with a best cruising experience in their lifetime. Though the cruise seems to be from olden days, its safety measures, reliability, and services rendered can match with other modern age ships. The tidy cold wind relaxes your body, mind, and boosts the inner potentiality. Presently, the operation of these boats is reduced and allowed to sail on only particular timings.

12.Glass Boat Ride at Dolphine, Port Blair

Some people fear of water, beaches, or for children’s, parents won’t allow them to enjoy scuba diving due to safety factors. This makes them to miss the view of charming beauty of marine ecosystem. For them, this riding is perfect, where they can sit on the glass-window boat with experienced riders and explore the reefs of the islands without getting their toes wet. For people with back problems, this ride is not recommended since the boat traverse in a high speed in sea waves.

13. Coral Safari and Submarine Ride, Northbay island

With a sun shining brightness, pleasant wind kissing our cheeks, you probably think of knowing more about the sea culture. If yes, then the best activity during these states is coral safari and submarine ride in Port Blair. Coral safari takes you to the depth of the sea—can also be called as second heaven of earth— through a comfortable 100-seater cabin, and air-conditioned experience to relax. This ride is comfortable for all the ages to view the sea world through glass windows and fosters a lifetime, delightful, magnificent, deep sea experience.

Can we visited throughout the year

14. Eagle eye view of Andaman Airport, Joggers park

If you have some spare time to spend and don’t know what to do, then you can visit joggers park where you can enjoy the nature beauty as well as can have a comprehensive look into the runway of Port Blair airport.

15. Gandhi park, Port Blair

I love to eat! If true, then you must visit Gandhi park. Nice greenery, long walk/jogging track, and surrounding localise restaurants, Gandhi statue, small Japanese temple, panipuri and chatpatai, makes this spot as the favourite for foodies and travellers.

16. Mundapahad Trekking, Chidiyatapu

Situated 30km from portblair, Chidiyapatu can be a best place to watch the evening sunset. It is also one of the crowded spots in Andaman where people can lay down, bask. The sign boards lead you to the top of the place, which is also called as viewpoint, where the best view of sunset can be seen through naked eyes. The open sea view also adds advantage to this trip.

17. Seaplane/Helicopter Ride

Seaplane from Havelock to Port Blair, or Helicopter ride facilitates travellers to have an aerial view of famous sites such as Cellular Jail, Ross Island, North Bay Island, Mount Harriet, and the best view of beaches, its surroundings, such that one can enjoy by sitting and relaxing themselves.

18. Sagarika Emporium, Port Blair

As you land in Port Blair city, which is also called as capital of Andaman and Nicobar island, the first place that one can visit is Sagarika emporium. One can reach there by any mean of transportation. Genuine coral reef materials and handmade articrafts can be seen in this emporium. The last pieces of British government, clock towers, weapons used during warfare, historical monuments are visualized through the roadways.

19. Cruise Ride

Since the entire land is surrounded with water, the major attraction is travelling in boats, ships, and cruises. Makruzz and Green Ocean Cruises can be called as giants of Andaman ocean, where once can enjoy the luxury sea ride travels, with snacks and comfortable seats to relax. In comparison to Makruzz, Green ocean has open deck, which will help you have a good view while on board. These jetties will travel from Port Blair-Havelock, Havelock-Neil, and Neil-Port Blair. Though you are not allowed outside the container, one can see through the big glass windows.

20.A long stretch walk on the beach sand, Havelock

Hard packet of sand, blueish, crystal clear waters, with a mile stretch, and cool wind kissing the cheeks, what you want more than this during your evening walk. These things make havelock, a most visited places during evening. Even children can enjoy these by building a sand crystal in the sand.

21. A night stay at beach resort, Havelock & Neil

After enjoying the evening, if you want to take rest in a peaceful and picturesque place, then Havelock and Neil islands are the best. Most of the huts and cottages in these areas are near beach sides, which fosters the best triangle sea view for the persons who stays here. Also the sunset, natural beauty, resorts in a area replicating jungle atmosphere, cool sea breeze makes this place “the best” for the persons who want to be on their own for sometime with external world connections.

22. Sunset point at Laxmanpur beach, Neil island

It is also named as the one of the “cleanliest” beaches in Andaman and Nicobar island. The lovely waterfront, white shellsand acting as a bed, and abundance area to enjoy, and sit and view the sunset makes this place a favourite spot for visitors.

23. Tasty and Delicious sea foods

Andaman and Nicobar is also famous for “fusion of sea food and cuisine”. For foodies, especially non vegetarians can enjoy varieties of healthy food items in this island. Andaman island is also heavily influenced and its diverse nature. The fruits is also refreshing and tasty, especially the coconut drinks that one shouldn’t reject. The famous menu list includes fish curry, Amritsari Kulcha, Chilli curry, Macher Jhol, Chicken Tikka Masala, Coconut Prawn Curry, Barbeque Food, Lobster, Khadi crabs, and so on.

24. Limestone cave & Mud Volcano, Baratang island

Limestone cave, and Mud volcano is one of the most prominent attraction for tourists. This journey starts with boats for some distance, ferries pass through mangroves, and finally stalagmite and stalactite formations forming lime stone structure. It can also be called as one of the “amazing and unbelievable beauty”. After entering inside, you can experience the welcome feel of cool-warm weather, and formation of “unsized and uneven cave structure”. Around four kilometers from this place, you can see the one of its kind active mud volcano of India.

25. Fishing at Port Blair and Havelock

Now, I think you come to know that Andaman is the best place that fosters world's best beaches, reefs and diving. But you might have a question that whether there are any sport fishing activities. “Yes”, Andaman is known for the best fishing destination with varieties of sea creatures. Fishing persons will guide you to the best spot in the sea where you can go for fishing, can get ready with arms of heavy chugging poppers and high-octane vertical jiggling, and live bait for bull fish, and other sea structures.

26. Turtle Nesting at Diglipur Island

Diglipur is a hotspot for eco-friendly and research tourists. It is a house for thousands of turtles during nesting period. If you want to see the indigenous turtle species, or research on them, then this is the place to visit.

27. Ross and Smith Island, Diglipur

Ross and smith island, also known as twin islands, is situated at a distance of 20 kms from Diglipur. The most attractive thing to see is the sandbar connecting these two islands, which is visible during low tide and submerged at high tides. Water is crystal clear and greenish in color. It is also suited for island camping, scuba diving, snorkelling, and trekking through tropical forests.

28. Eve walk, Marina Park

If you are looking for a best place for morning walk, jog, then Marina park is the best. The untouched pristine shore and mesmerizing beauty. The children’s traffic park comprises of small tricycles, baby motors and practice bicycles, which helps them to drive around. Marine aquarium depicts the rare found marine life in Andaman. Water complex trains the beginners to sea diving, and beach related activities.

29. Mount Harriet, Port Blair

Established in the year 1987, Mount Harriet National park comprises of rich and dense forests, wild fruit plants, open seashore on the western side of the park. Breathtaking sunrise view and lazy-laid sea around the park, this park is perfect place to enjoy the nature beauty. Apart from that, you can enjoy the wildlife and biodiversity.

30.Cinque Island

Night stay in Cinque island and game fishing is also an ultimate experience of lifetime in Andaman. Uninhabited island with sandy, coral beaches, open sea, bird populations with an untouched feeling, makes it an ideal destination for nighttime stay in Andaman.

31. Beach side Photo’s and Selfie’s

If you are a photographer, looking for mind-blowing spots to take images or a selfie expert person, then you must visit crystal clear beaches, where edge of the wave line can provide you the lifetime remembrance photos. Additionally, every location in Andaman is a photo ready spot for visitors.

32. Government Ferry Rides

Government ferry rides in and around Andaman is a spine thrilling experience. A variety of boats from creaky old government-run ferries to luxurious private cruise ships can be seen in this island.

33. Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the secrets of Havelock island. It allows you to enjoy the bewitched beauty of popular adventurous places. Once can have the fancy ride along with whole different experience inside mangrove ecosystem, chirping sound of the birds and peaceful nature, fascinating trees, and diverse flora and fauna is experienced through these rides.

34. Candlelight Dinner near beach side cottages

Beachside candlelight dinner for your family with customized dishes, private candlelight dinner in a resort overlooking the beach, and multicuisine candle light dinner in resorts by enjoying the serene beauty and mouth-watering sea foods is a fun time and lifetime memorable events for your family and loved ones.

35. Private Charter Rides

Andaman—also known as jewel of sea—has numerous places, which is unique from each other and irresistible to avoid getting inside the water to play. You can find private charter rides and yacht services that facilitates you to explore Andaman Islands. These services are available round the clock and throughout a year. Complete compliance requirements, formalities, and permissions will be taken care by these service providers.

36. Boat Ride, North Bay Island

North bay island is also a great place to enjoy sea water sports activities. The activity list encompasses Glass boat ride, sea walking, snorkelling, and the light house picture at the old twenty rupees backside is an image taken from this island itself.

37. Luxury Dinner Cruise TSG Bella Bay

Seaplane from Havelock to Port Blair, or Helicopter ride facilitates travellers to have an aerial view of famous sites such as Cellular Jail, Ross Island, North Bay Island, Mount Harriet, and the best view of beaches, its surroundings, such that one can enjoy by sitting and relaxing themselves.

38. Parasailing in Andaman

Adventurous sport activities in Andaman comprises of parasailing, paragliding, kayaking and canoeing. It is conducted in a safe place, and fosters the best game to experience picturesque, scenic view of crystal-clear bluish sky, and perceive the blue shades of the island.

39. Saddle Peak Trekking, North Andaman

Since the entire land is surrounded with water, the major attraction is travelling in boats, ships, and cruises. Makruzz and Green Ocean Cruises can be called as giants of Andaman ocean, where once can enjoy the luxury sea ride travels, with snacks and comfortable seats to relax. In comparison to Makruzz, Green ocean has open deck, which will help you have a good view while on board. These jetties will travel from Port Blair-Havelock, Havelock-Neil, and Neil-Port Blair. Though you are not allowed outside the container, one can see through the big glass windows.

40. Destination Wedding, Andamank

It is also a dream for many people to have a destined wedding in Andaman. Picturesque beaches with backdrop crashing waves, multiple hues, rich culture, and beach side vibes makes your we