The nature’s haven, Andaman Islands houses variety of bird population that will leave you speechless in their resplendence. For ornithologists, Andaman’s bird population is akin to paradise. They can research the indigenous birds, that can be found only in Andaman, as well as several migratory birds that flock in Andaman for specific period. Bird watching is your lifetime ticket to the theatre of nature as you watch birds in their natural environment. With 270 species of birds with 39 of them being endemic, Andaman is the best place to visit for all Aves lovers.

Where in Andaman?

Havelock Island is the best place to kayak in Andaman. The island’s calm and serene atmosphere along with its succulent mangrove population will make your kayaking experience mind boggling.

Duration: Kayaking is done for 2 hours. For experienced adventurers, night kayaking is also available (only during new moon)

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