Recreational anglers will love game fishing offered in Andaman. The untouched marine grounds of these islands are probably one of the few unexplored fishing arenas left. Andaman’s strict catch-and-release policy allows the anglers to fish to their hearts content without harming the sea life. The sea and its life in Andaman offers opportunity to all anglers, from beginners to experts. For hard-core anglers, there are a plethora of fishes to sink their hook into 2000-3000 meters beyond the east and west coast.

For beginners, they can choose to fish around the islands as variety of fishes are available here as well. Four varieties of bill fish are seen around the islands. Further adrift, large game more than 100 lbs. have been caught, while divers have even spotted fish exceeding 3 meters in length.

Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellow fin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna and Dorado have been caught in Andamans and its surrounding waters. So, hypnotic is the entire experience that lovers of night-time fishing will give up not from lack of game, but sheer fatigue. If game fishing is your scene, the Andamans is perhaps the last of the planet’s relatively virgin environments still available. With Go Explore Andaman you reach the best spots in comfort and style.

What is Sea Walking?

Game fishing is carried out in Port Blair and Havelock Island, with the latter being the more favourable spot.


Where in Andaman?


You can choose from two options:

Fun Fishing – 3 to 4 hours for beginners and those who want to have fun.

Expert’s Game – 8 to 9 hours for experienced anglers who will love the challenge Andaman offers.

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