Imagine sitting on a small boat and drifting on the ocean. You are paddling your way through the magnificent mangrove creeks and you can hear birds chirping, telling their story. The sun in just beyond the horizon and all you feel around you is the tranquil ambience of Andaman. This is kayaking in Andaman for you. One of the most stimulating experiences nobody should miss.

The beautiful sea in Andaman makes for a perfect kayaking location. Nature lovers will adore this spellbinding experience as in Andaman you will kayak through the beautiful mangrove creeks. The mangroves here as vibrant green, a colour that is not adulterated by pollution. Kayaking along this nature’s spectacle will be like a balm to your soul. You will emerge from this exercise feeling more pure and fresh than ever before.

Where in Andaman?

Havelock Island is the best place to kayak in Andaman. The island’s calm and serene atmosphere along with its succulent mangrove population will make your kayaking experience mind boggling.

Duration: Kayaking is done for 2 hours. For experienced adventurers, night kayaking is also available (only during new moon)

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