This semi submarine offers a sublime ride through the sea. Through the glass windows, which are tilted to 45 degrees, you can watch the sea creatures and the corals within an inch of your eyes. People of all ages can enjoy this unique safari in this comfortable 100-seater semi-submarine. You can enjoy the luxuries of the cabin as the marine scene passes by you. For anyone visiting Andaman this one of a kind safari is a must do. When you traverse in the sea watching the dazzling marine life, you will be left bewitched. The speed of this submarine is only 7 knots, which will make you feel like you are slowly gliding in the sea and you won’t miss a thing.


Where in Andaman?

You can board this semi-submarine from the Phoenix Jetty, Port Blair. In case you are unable to reach Phoenix Jetty here, you can also join the safari from North Bay.



The Coral Safari is for 1 hour . But due to adverse weather conditions, the timings and duration can vary.



There are two slots for the safari in the morning and afternoon each. The ride will proceed subject to the load.


Do’s and Don’ts

  • Have fun for the entirety of the hour!
  • Wear whatever clothing is comfortable for you. No diving gear required!
  • Be seated, with the comfort of the air-conditioner and the luxury of comfy seats.
  • Have even more fun. Completely!
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