Between December and March every year, thousands of sea turtles visit the Kalipur beach in Diglipur for the turtle nesting season. While nesting also happens in Mayabunder’s Karmatang beach, Kalipur is highly recommended. And if you are in Diglipur, you can also check out Ramanagar beach – another nesting hotspot. WIt is one of the most amazing natural phenomena and a heartwarming sight. In the nesting season, forest officials collect eggs laid by sea turtles and keep them in hatcheries, away from predators like birds and dogs. When these eggs have hatched, the baby turtles are all let back into the sea. You can both see the turtles laying eggs in the night and if lucky, even assist these workers by picking up baby turtles in your palm and leaving them on the shore, only to watch them scurrying into the ocean.

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