THE LAUNCHof GoExploreAndaman on the International day for Divyangjan ( Differently abled people Port Blair, South Andaman , December 3 2019


On 03/12/2019, we have hosted an event to celebrate the observance of World Disabled Day in the presence of Divyangjan and other local community people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This program was entirely organized from our team, and sponsorship from Mr. Dev Kumar, Founder, ArSquareDevelopment Pvt. Ltd. It was conducted in Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, Brookshabad, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The main vision of this program introduces our proprietary website, “GoExploreAndaman” and “Andaman Market,” help localities to know about our company, social cause and services offered, and get benefited during the requirements.

Mrs. Anita Biswas, Director of ArSqaureDevelopment, inaugurated the event with other chairpersons, Shri Shailendra Kumar Singh, Director (SW), A&N Administration as a chief guest, leaders of various NGOs, Smt. Vaishali Rani Dayal, ward councilor, and other Nodal officers. More than 200 Divyangjan, along with caregivers and local crowd, attended the event. Mrs. Anita Biswas honored the participants, especially Divyangjans, spoke about the social service offerings provided by our team and requested to utilize those things.

During this day, several activities such as singing and other cultural events were conducted to showcase their skills in front of the audience and prove their capabilities. The chairperson distributed prizes, and chief guests to honor the Divyangjan and their talent. This event is concluded with a thanksgiving speech from Mrs. Anita Biswas, to Dev Kumar, for his support in financial and business needs and other chairpersons for their assistance in validating documents and conveying the message to the needy persons.

THE DISTRIBUTION OF WHEEL CHAIRSat PBMC (Port Blair Municipal Council) Port Blair, South Andaman , December 3 2019


On 03/12/2019, our team distributed four wheelchairs to observe world disabled day and enable easy commute process inside Port Blair Municipal building. An event has been organized in collaboration with PBMC, with over 500 people gathered on this auspicious occasion, followed by chief guests, more number of Divyangjan, and local people. We also launched our proprietary website, GoExploreAndaman, and services offered, benefits, and social service objectives served through the website. We also credited Mr. Dev Kumar, Founder, ArSquareDevelopment Pvt. Ltd., for his support sponsorship and complete financial assistance for this event.

This event started with an introductory speech from GoExploreAndaman colleagues, and Mrs. Anita Biswas, Director of ArSqaureDevelopment inaugurating the event with other chairpersons, Mr. Abhishek Dev, Deputy Commissioner, Andaman Administration (Chief Guest), Mr. Suneel Anchipaka, IAS Secretary, Municipal Council (Special Guest), Mr. N.K Udaya Kumar, Chairperson, Port Blair Municipal Council (PBMC) (Special Guest), and Mr. Mohan Vinod, President, Andaman Association of Tour Operators. Analyzing the difficulties faced by Divyangjan during PBMC visit, Mrs. Anita Biswas donated the wheelchairs to PBMC office, with a pledge to help disabled people in the present as well as futuristic scenarios.

Several cultural and sports activities were conducted to enhance Divyangjan inner strength and showcase their capabilities to the external world. Prizes were distributed to the winning people, followed by recreation, snacks, and food. Concluded this event with happiness and joy in the participant’s faces and hope of creating a memorable moment in Divyangjan life.